"I always feel renewed after leaving One Body Massage. Tiffany has helped me to successfully manage pain that I have been dealing with for years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice, as well as compassion and a genuine care for those who are in pain. Her treatment goes beyond the in-office session, and includes post-treatment follow-up with clients, as well as instructions on how to maintain/continue improvement with self-treatments, exercises and stretches. If you are in need of healing touch, you need to visit

Tiffany at One Body Massage."

- Sarah, Erwin, NC




 "I just had the MOST WONDERFUL massage by Tiffany Sterner of One Body Massage in Cary, NC. I slept in an awkward position and woke up with my neck and shoulders hurting with limited range of motion and a lot of pain. She fit me in on her day off and my neck and back immediately felt better. I was impressed with Tiffany's knowledge, professionalism & friendliness. Not only is she a massage therapist, but Tiffany has worked as a physical therapist assistant for 8 1/2 years. She knows anatomy well and does a GREAT job teaching specific exercises to strengthen my muscles and how to position my computer screen for proper posture for my job environment. She has a full gym in the next room and showed me exercises to do. I feel great!"
 - Susie Gilmore, Raleigh, NC




“I recently had lots of pain and discomfort in my lower back, hips, and knees. I rationalized that it was a byproduct of growing older and not being in very good shape. The pain got to be so bad I was having problems going up and down stairs and sometimes even walking on a flat surface without limping and sometimes even tripping over my own feet (foot drop). My wife made me an appointment with Tiffany and MADE me go. Tiffany’s work on the pressure points in my legs and hips gave me immediate relief from the pain and discomfort within the first twenty minutes of our session. By the end of our session, I was almost completely pain free and could walk without the pronounced limp and had very little difficulty with the stairs. The next day was great, no ibuprofen (I was on 400 mg 4 times a day), a comfortable walk up and down the driveway, and was actually going back to the gym and spending time on the seated elliptical and bike. If you are in pain, go see Tiffany. I highly recommend her for massage therapy. Besides that she is a really nice person to know.”

- Larry Williams, Fuquay Varina, NC




"Tiffany’s trigger point massage is a wonderful counteraction to my overly tight muscles/tendons and provides a feeling of relaxation. I find the trigger point therapy far less painful and more effective than deep tissue massage, of which I have had plenty. Tiffany provides her therapy with care and respect for body and soul. I am most thankful to have made her acquaintance and benefit from her gifted,

healing hands."

- Paula, Cary, NC




“I have been getting massages for several years, but none compare to One Body Massage. I cannot say enough good things about Tiffany with One Body Massage! I consider her to be a friend and an integral part of my wellness plan. Thanks to her knowledge and skill, the almost constant body pain I was experiencing has been substantially reduced and practically eliminated. I am not sure how I would be functioning without her, and I am ecstatic I don’t have to find out. She is one of the people in my life I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving.”

- Patty, Cary, NC




"Tiffany is a consummate professional. I met Tiffany two years ago while rehabbing a painful shoulder that had been hurting for a long time and was getting worse; I couldn’t lift my arm above my shoulder which really interfered with my work. She listened to me and worked with me to get me on the road to recovering full usage of my arm and becoming pain free. What she can do in one hour takes other therapists days to accomplish. I continue to see her regularly for her wonderful massages because it feels so good. Her desire to help others and her passion for what she does combined with her education and understanding of the body makes her the best I have ever experienced."
- Bob Theriault, Cary, NC




"I absolutely adore Tiffany and plan to use her as my massage therapist for a very long time. As a former dancer/instructor and personal trainer, I found her to be very knowledgeable in regards to human anatomy and her years of experience in dealing with injuries in athletes make her unique in her profession. As a side note, Tiffany has a beautiful and loving spirit and truly cares about her clients."
 - Emily, Cary, NC




"I have had both a relaxation massage and a medical massage from Tiffany. Her professionalism, customer service and expert knowledge far surpasses any other therapist I have worked with. In addition, she really cares about your results and works hard to ensure a great experience. My back problem was taken care of with two visits and no medication. Thanks Tiffany!"
- Sharon Bigelow, Apex, NC




"I began going to One Body Massage because I trust Tiffany's skill and knowledge of the body. (She does know how to work those trouble spots!) I also appreciate that she sends me home with ideas for exercises that will help me control some of the pain and discomfort. But I continue to go to One Body because Tiffany creates an atmosphere that also treats the spirit and the heart. I always look forward to my visits not only as therapy but as time with a friend."

-Gaylene, Apex, NC




"One Body Massage is the best place to go if you really want to work pain and tightness out of your body. Tiffany is so knowledgeable of the body and is able to help you relax and relieve pain. She absolutely loves what she does and makes a difference in how I feel each time I go to her."

- Peggy Forsyth, Cary, NC




"Tiffany of One Body Massage gave the best massage of my life to say the least. Not only did she put me at ease as a curvier woman, but she truly was intuitive. I never had to speak up and ask her to work out a knot, etc. She just knew and relieved my tension. I can't say enough about her professionalism. Her hands and soothing environment made me feel like I've been to the spa, but her technique and care of my well-being was like going to see my doctor as well. Don't think of getting a massage by Tiffany as a luxury, but a physical necessity."

- Christina, Apex, NC




"I've had many therapists throughout my lifetime to help with neuromuscular trouble. The time, effort, and care Tiffany gives her clients is bar none the best in the triangle. If that isn't enough?  Her knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems combined with her years of experience, makes it a no brainer to go to her aches and pains. It also helps Tiffany is super nice; before, during, and after a session you get the sense she really enjoys helping people. All in all it's the right type of massage, from the right type of therapist, when your body needs treatment for pain."

- K.B., Raleigh, NC