“Thank God for Tiffany Sterner! Last weekend, I was almost in tears due to joint pain. This weekend, I woke up refreshed and pain free. Neural Reset Therapy is the bomb!”

- Cindy, Raleigh, NC




“Boy....that was amazing. I felt so relaxed for the rest of the day!  It was like I turned into a walking puddle! I slept really well too!”

- Patty, Cary, NC




“NRT provides quick, painless elimination of pain and discomfort. I am definitely a supporter of it as I have greatly benefited from NRT.”

- Emily, Cary, NC




”I began seeing Tiffany a few months after a bilateral mastectomy to treat breast cancer. I received 28 rounds of radiation to my right chest wall and as a result developed all sorts of myofacial and muscular pain. I've seen Tiffany every week for the past year. She has a lot of tricks in her bag, but the thing that has excited me the most and helped me the most is NRT. I can't say enough about it. I was suffering with severe muscle spasms in my feet, legs, and lower back and a persistent knot between my shoulder blades. After one treatment I noticed a significant reduction in the frequency of the spasms and I wasn't sore between my shoulder blades. After three sessions, the spasms were gone as was the nagging pain in my mid upper back. I leave each session feeling like a bowl of jello...unbelievably relaxed all over! No more muscle tenderness like I would have with trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. NRT is life changing!”

- Lisa, Raleigh, NC




"For 3 months, I had been dealing with moderate to severe neck pain. I have been seeing a chiropractor and physical therapist.  After an MRI and neck specialist confirmed that it was muscular, I contacted Tiffany Sterner at One Body Massage.  Tiffany informed me of a new therapy she has been working on called Neural Reset Therapy. Having been a satisfied client of Tiffany for some time now, I knew that I could trust that she has done her research on this method. With just one 90 minute visit, my neck has more flexibility and range of motion than it has had in 3 months.  I can now turn my head without pain. I have already scheduled my next appointment so as to not take any steps backward. I am forever grateful to Tiffany and thankful that she puts the time and effort into studying new methods of wellness so that people like myself can benefit from her work."
Bryan, Apex, NC




"I would recommend Tiffany to anybody who has any kind of muscular problem (pain, injury, stiffness, etc.). This was my first time trying NRT. I felt a little nervous since I didn't know what to expect. I came to Tiffany because I was recommended to go to physical therapy for my pulled muscles, pinched nerves, and sciatica. NRT worked almost like magic. After a few short moves, my pain was reduced a whole lot and some sore spots were totally painless. I couldn't believe it. I also couldn’t believe how my jaw felt painless and loose only after a couple of seconds. Long story short, I walked out of her office feeling totally relaxed, loose, flexible, and alive. I will be coming back again, and ideally would like to have it done once a month. Besides the procedure, Tiffany educated me on how to take care of my body and shared some good advice with me. Thank you so much, Tiffany! You make this world a better place both physically and spiritually."

Dina, Cary, NC




"I made an appointment with Tiffany on the recommendation of a friend. Wow, am I glad I did.  I had a total knee replacement and lumbar laminectomy last year and have been struggling with range of motion and discomfort since then. I also injured my shoulder during knee rehab resulting in very limited range of motion and pain.  After just one session, I feel like a new person.  Tiffany's NRT and cupping techniques were simply amazing. I still can't believe the relief!  I tried many other massage therapists and PT but nothing compares to Tiffany. I would highly recommend her to anyone with pain and limited range of motion issues. She is the BEST!!!"

Mary, Cary, NC